You may have seen it in the news: artificial intellect helps create antibiotics, factories are operated by drones, Musk is preparing the colonies on Mars.

One thing is sure – you are right in the epicenter of a major change. How will the future unfold for you? Frankly, we can’t tell. The only truth is this: scientific discoveries will not be stopped. They will find the way to the minds of the curious.

Yet, you are not just a passive observer. In your job and during the discussions with your friends you are shaping the way how technology is perceived.

Tech is Emotional

We believe that tech is a highly exciting and emotional topic, if explained by people who are genuinely in love with it.

Who is Writing?

Future Atelier is a collective effort of a global group of innovative founders, VCs, enterprise professionals and consulting experts. It was started by Berlin-based innovation analyst Pavel Romanenko.

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