$1 Billion In Boeing Parts Tracked On A Blockchain

Project by Boeing and Honeywell

  • Boeing is using the blockchain-powered GoDirect Trade platform by the international conglomerate Honeywell to track and sell $1 billion worth of airplane parts.
  • GoDirect Trade is a digital marketplace for buyers and sellers in the Aerospace industry (described as a combination of Etsy.com and CarFax).
  • According to Forbes, less of 3% of $4 billion in second-hand airplane parts are sold online. GoDirect Trade is aiming at this market, had $7 million in sales in the first year of business, and wants to grow exponentially. Blockchain could make their trading platform more scalable and secure.

Used tech
Blockchain (Honeywell’s Hyperledger Fabric)

Used for
Aerospace,Track and trace, E-Commerce

Project stage
Pilot project

Case study

Lisa Butters
Chief Scientific Officer of Editas Medicine

GoDirect Trade runs on Hyperledger Fabric. If anyone argues about the fact that this is a permission-based network that is supposed to be decentralized then they are killing the dream of enterprise blockchain before it starts. There is no way you will get Fortune 500 companies participating in blockchain networks and sharing data if there are not permissioned around that. You need some constraints for enterprises to operate in.


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