AI that translates your kitty’s mood

The app Tably (developed by a Canadian animal health tech firm, uses photos of your cat to analyze their behavior like its whisker movements, the narrowing or widening of eyes, head posture, and ear position to recognize signs of discomfort or distress. The Tably app is based on AI and machine learning and analyzes facial expression patterns to level up bonding between cat-lovers and their furry friends. Read more

“It helps human cat owners know if their cat is in pain or not. We were able to train a machine using machine learning and a series of images.”

in Miche Priest, Venture Lead at

“The app can help young veterinarians. I love working with cats, have always grown up with cats. For other colleagues, new grads, who maybe have not had quite so much experience, it can be very daunting to know – is your patient painful?”

in Dr. Liz Ruelle, owner of Wild Rose Cat Clinic

“An app that learns patterns from images of cat faces can be helpful but cat owners should also look at their pet’s whole body, including the tail, for clues about their well-being. Cats that are worried or scared will hold that tail really tight and tense to them. And then aside from that, there’s also just thinking about their behavior in terms of are they eating, drinking, toileting, sleeping like they usually do?”

– Alice Potter, RSPCA

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