Alexa can now supervise your Smart Home appliances

Alexa device users have now the ability to enable proactive status announcements for third-party devices, that will tell users when, for instance, their clothes are dried or when there’s an issue with their automated vacuum cleaner. The initial set of announcement templates is limited but will be expanded upon, according to Amazon. Cleaning and kitchen appliances are in the focus of the current range of proactive announcements, including smart washing machines and ovens. Read more

“Announcements for Smart Home Devices via Alexa enable us to deliver more value to our customers. We can let customers know when their Roomba robot vacuum or Braava jet robot mop needs assistance and help the customer take an action when they need to. We see this as another step in giving customers greater control over when, where, and how their robots clean, ensuring the job gets done right so customers can focus on more important things.”

in Chris Jones, CTO at iRobot

“With Announcements, Alexa can notify customers when their washers, dryers, and ovens have completed the task. It’s a unique experience that supplements the mobile notifications we deliver today, and reaffirms the value of our connected devices.”

in Shawn Stover, VP Smart Home Solutions at GE Appliances

“At Anova, our mission is to make our products accessible, simple and connected in a meaningful way to our food nerd community. Food nerds can now receive announcements of cooking progress on a connected Anova Precision Oven with Alexa when their oven has preheated, the food has reached the target temperature and even that their food is ready, making it easier than ever to get pro-level results at home.”

in Anastasia Plotnikova, Director of Marketing at Anova Culinary

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