Digital tool to evaluate your stress level

Hong Kong-headquartered health service firm Cigna International announced the launch of a digital tool that evaluates a person’s stress level. The company has partnered with AI medical technology company Ellipsis Health to provide the Cigna StressWaves Test. It’s a free online tool that analyses stress through voice and semantic patterns. Users are asked to answer questions for 60 seconds, after which the user’s stress level is ranged from “Extremely Stressed” to “No Stress”. In addition in April this year, Cigna started the behavioral health coaching, therapy, and psychiatry services of behavioral health platform Ginger. Read more

“Now more than ever, we need to prioritize the adoption of solutions that scale access to mental health awareness, diagnosis and evidence-based treatment. To effect meaningful and urgent change, providers need efficient, scalable clinical decision support technology like Ellipsis Health to help identify and stratify patients so we can appropriately treat behavioral health conditions early and often.”

in Cody Nystrom, Managing Director at SJF Ventures

“The Ellipsis Health team is incredibly grateful to everyone who is working tirelessly to build awareness and compassion for behavioral health conditions, and we are excited to continue to collaborate with more partners in the industry to systematically establish a new clinical standard in mental health care. Together, we can revolutionize emotional wellbeing and enable people to build deeper relationships, connections, and bonds with each other.”

in Mainul I Mondal, Founder and CEO at Ellipsis Health

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