Largest meditation app merges with a major mental health app to fight the growing problem of mental health crisis

Meditation app Headspace announced the merge with the on-demand mental health service Ginger to build Headspace Health. They plan to offer a virtual support service, which covers the whole range of mental health needs from prevention to clinical care. The digital mental health platform will provide services “from mindfulness and meditation to text-based behavioral health coaching to video-based therapy and psychiatry”. Read more

“Together, as Headspace Health, we will address the systemic challenges of access and affordability in a fundamentally different way by creating the world’s most holistic, scalable, and effective mental health and wellbeing company”

in CeCe Morken, CEO at Headspace

“Headspace and Ginger have a shared recognition that the mental health crisis can’t be solved by simply hiring more therapists or moving care online

in Russell Glass, CEO at Ginger

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