Hiring from home: AI-driven video interviewing software

Elevatus launched EVA-SSESS, the latest AI-driven software, to simplify and democratize the time-consuming hiring process. One of the scientifically validated features – Five-Factor-Model reports analyses the applicants’ personality traits, communication, programming, and sales skills. The report filters correct answers, recommends the top matches and helps to make reasoned hiring decisions. Read more

“Our team of industry-leading experts designed a powerful video interviewing software that is localized and empowers companies to further democratize their hiring process to hire the best talent. It’s also integrated with world-class technology providers which enables them to build, run, and scale their hiring workflows all in one place. The impact of remote hiring made it clearer to us of how critical it is that we all invest in video interviewing software – and we’re excited to help companies build better hiring journeys with our AI technology”

in Yara Burgan, CEO and Founder at Elevatus

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