Kiwibot and Sodexo join forces to expand the food delivery service on more campuses

Kiwibot, the robotic sidewalk delivery startup, announced plans to merge with food services and facilities management company Sodexo to bring its robots to more Western U.S. colleges. Students and profs will be able to order their food from on-campus dining locations via the Sodexo Bite+ app and have them delivered by one of Kiwibot’s robots. After the successful use case at the University of Berkeley, California, Kiwibot is now improving the level of autonomy and indoor-outdoor navigation of the bots. Read more

“We have a feature that’s called corner-to-corner, and so what that does is it captures data around an indoor space and feeds that into an algorithm that basically makes decisions for the bot. It handles the navigation for the robot in between high complexity situations, like cars, people, pets, little kids, people that work on campus. So we are not in a position yet to let the bot go on the campus on its own. Our remote operators have a feature where they switch to corner-to-corner and if the bot senses, for example, a street pass, then the remote operator or supervisor will take over”

in Diego Varela Prada, Chief Operating Officer at Kiwibot

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