P&G is looking to improve mom’s online shopping experience


P&G, the #1 FMCG company worldwide would like to see happier moms in Central Europe!

We are looking for innovative technology partners, who can improve the quality of moms’ lives and enhance their online shopping experience.

Field of Innovation
E-Commerce, Marketing, Communications, Finance, IT, IoT

Project stage
Call for startups

What we offer

  • An experimentation lab of 9 countries and 80 million people in Central Europe to pilot and validate your solution,
  • Commercial agreement with which we want to become the early client of your solution to build your and our business together,
  • Potential for licensing, development, commercialization and scale-up via P&G

What we are looking for

We are looking for start-ups who:

1. help our Moms to:
– have trustful and relevant information about their child’s physical and mental health to take the best care of the development of their babies,
– have the same quality of personal (emotional, mental, social, physical) life as prior pregnancy,
– take smart budget decisions.

2. Help our Mom’s online shopping by:
– raising awareness and creating new flawless opportunities of shopping online,
– improving user experience of the consumer journey,
– simplifying and making the online shopping process and delivery more time and cost efficient.

The ideal partners are:
start-ups that have made a significant breakthrough and developed technologies & products in the following areas:
– health and welfare
– e-commerce
– marketing & communications
– logistics
– finance
– IT
– IoT

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