Selfologi takes cosmetic treatment desicions online

In its quest to improve services via information, Selfologi a Dubai-based digital start-up has launched healthtech website, which enables users to discover and learn about cosmetic treatments in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The platform is designed to track beauty trends and provides complete information about cosmetic procedures and helps make informed decisions before booking a treatment. Once consumers find a suitable set of services for themselves, the site rolls out a set of treatments to compare between and a database of all corresponding regional physicians. Read more

“Currently, almost all cosmetic treatments are booked offline, with consumers not having access to updated, regionally-relevant information that can aid their decision-making when it comes to something as personal as cosmetic treatments and procedures. Selfologi was born with the vision of offering consumers an unparalleled platform that informs, educates, and helps consumers make the right choice for themselves, and realise their full potential.”

in Tamer Wali, Founder at Selfologi

“At selfologi, we aim to revolutionise the cosmetic and healthtech industry by providing a consumer-centric destination for cosmetic treatments and procedures. With support from the region’s leading experts in aesthetic technologies, alongside some of the best digital brains in the business, selfologi is set to be a game-changer and a pioneer in the multi-billion-dollar cosmetic treatments industry.”

in Rob Pye, CEO at Selfologi

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